HKF House of Lords Celebration

On Monday, March 4, 2024, the accomplishments of more than 80 students, beneficiaries of the Helena Kennedy Foundation, were commemorated at the House of Lords.

This celebratory event at the House of Lords, with support from the Skills and Education Group, united students hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, who had advanced from Further Education colleges to pursue Higher Education, representing regions as distant as Wales.

Each student chosen by the Helena Kennedy Foundation was granted a £2,250 bursary to assist in covering the expenses of their university studies. Furthermore, they received continual guidance and training provided by the Foundation.

Established over two decades ago in Baroness Kennedy’s honour by Dame Ann Limb CBE DL, the Helena Kennedy Foundation was created to advance the recommendations outlined in her influential ‘Learning Works’ report.

Baroness Kennedy said: “The individuals who hold our Bursaries are genuinely inspiring, and it’s a privilege to witness and support their journey to success. Each bursary winner awardee is chosen for their exceptional qualities, displaying genuine talent and unwavering determination. Life is a continuous journey of learning, and every student receiving an award has exhibited resilience and determination in embracing the next chapter of their lives”.

Dr Julie Mills OBE, Chair of trustees said “Numerous talented individuals possess the potential to thrive in higher education, yet many miss out on the opportunity. Transitioning from college to university represents a significant leap, and our Foundation collaborates with colleges throughout the UK to assist students in overcoming tangible disadvantages. Talent is everywhere opportunity is not”.

Paul Eeles Group Chief Executive said “We’ve collaborated with The Helena Kennedy Foundation for over a decade, supporting individuals in their educational journey from college to university. The impact of HKF’s bursaries and support has been transformative, enabling countless people to pursue higher-level studies, changing the trajectory of their lives. 

Over the last 26 years, HKF has made an immeasurable difference to individuals, families, and society at large. Their work is critical, and I take pride in being associated with the charity and being a trustee”.


Notes to editors

  1. The Helena Kennedy Foundation was founded in 1998 by Dame Ann Limb CBE DL to take forward recommendations from ‘Learning Works’, the report by Baroness Helena Kennedy KC, the President of the Foundation. The charity, based in the West Midlands, provides bursaries and pastoral support from disadvantaged backgrounds to progress from Further Education colleges into higher education.
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  • Skills and Education Group offer qualifications, funding opportunities, and professional development programmes and initiatives in support of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Together with their  membership, they make real change in people’s lives locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Skills and Education Group was established over 100 years ago

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