FE Colleges

The charity was set up to help Further Education students progress to higher education. We are delighted that we are in a position to be able to support FE students.

Colleges can submit up to 5 applications per campus. It is helpful to have a nominated contact person e.g bursary or welfare manager at the college for all communication, so please get in touch to inform us of their contact details. Applications open just after the break in January and are available online.

The form requires for the usual contact details as well as the below:

  • Applicants personal and family circumstances and the barriers that they have faced in continuing their education
  • Applicants ambitions for the future, why they have chosen their course of study and how the HKF award will help them to achieve their ambitions
  • Applicants financial circumstances, including how they have managed financially whilst at college and how they will support themselves at university

We advise that the student completes their form with a tutor. The assessment panel also looks at how well the need for support has been demonstrated. For instance applicants may sometimes state “they do not have money” however this is not sufficient information and more detail is needed of their circumstances within the word limit.

Applications are open for just over 2 months so please encourage your student not to leave it to the very last minute. After the closing date we check how many applications were submitted and if the total exceeds 5 per college campus we will get in touch to ascertain which are to be submitted as the final selection. Approval is usually done by the college principal or equivalent such as a deputy principal. The applications are assessed by the panel which consists of trustees and staff of the foundation.

To have a peek at what the form looks like click this link. Kindly note this is for reference only and students must complete an online application.

All applicants are informed of the outcome of their application at the end of August and we encourage applicants to let their tutors know. Students are then sent forms to complete and then they will receive the first instalment of their payment in the 1st week of November.