Students & Applicants

How can a HKF bursary help me

If you are awarded a HKF bursary you will have access to:

  • financial support of a bursary worth up to £2,250 payable in annual instalments
  • well- being support and pastoral care from the Foundation
  • a mentor
  • support for seeking help with work placements
  • an invitation to the House of Lords to celebrate your bursary
  • alumni support

Applying to the Foundation

The Foundation exists to support students who want to study at University. We can only accept applications if you are studying at an FE college or have previously studied at an FE college. If you are studying at an Academy, school or other non FE institutions we cannot accept your application and would advise you to try other organisations such as or turn2us. When you are ready to apply to us we encourage you to seek support from your college or personal tutor. 

Tell your college

Please note it is important you let your college know that you are applying as the college can only submit a total of five applications.In addition you will need a reference from your college, your application will be rejected without a reference. After the closing date your application form is assessed by panel of trustees and staff. We aim to inform all applicants by the end of August. If you are successful we will send you some forms to complete which are asking you to confirm that you are happy to accept the award and also informs you who your sponsor is. If you are unsuccessful we keep your details in file for a year in the case an award becomes available.

What does the application look like

To see what an application looks like please click this link – Kindly note this is just for reference only you must complete an application form online only via this link.

Payments are made in three instalments as follows:

Year 1 Nov: £750

Year 2 Nov: £750

Year 3 Nov: £750 

We also send your sponsor your profile with a photograph which is compiled by using your answers to the application questions and your tutor’s reference. This profile is purely for the sponsor and is not used for any kind of publicity or shared externally.