Who we help

The Foundation’s beneficiaries are primarily disadvantaged students who have overcome significant barriers in order to continue with their education at university level.

Examples of students we have helped include:

  • Students lacking parental and family support
  • Students labelled as failures by the schools system and who have found themselves in a string of unrewarding and low paid jobs
  • Students leaving the care system
  • Ex-offenders struggling to break the cycle of re-offending
  • Ex-alcoholics or drug addicts who have realised that education can support their rehabilitation process
  • Victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence struggling to lift their personal lives
  • Those fleeing from persecution and torture, seeking refuge or political asylum in the UK
  • Students with a history of severe health problems including physical disabilities and/or mental health problems
  • Casualties of discrimination and injustice
  • Lone parents on low incomes and with low skills levels, many of whom come from poor, working class and black and minority ethnic communities

It is not untypical for the students supported by the Foundation to be coping with several of the above challenges simultaneously.