Post-qualification admissions and further education: the time is now


“The Government’s consultation on moving to a system of post-qualification admissions seeks to address the urgent need to ‘level up the current university admissions system.’ The contributions in HEPI’s timely and excellent report Where next for university admissions? highlight a number of angles on this long-considered issue. Of particular relevance to the aim of levelling up is […]

HKF Alumna Maleeka Bokhari honoured as Young Global Leader for 2021


Maleeka Bokhari, an alumna of the Helena Kennedy Foundation, has been honoured as one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders for 2021. Maleeka, who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Law and a justice barrister in her native Pakistan, joins a dynamic community of more than 1400 members from 120 nationalities, who will work […]

Fireside Chat 24th February 2021

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HKF caught up with Rosie Wainwright in February where she shared her journey and what a difference the bursary made. Rosie attended Lewisham College and attended City, University of London. Her bursary at the time was sponsored by Kaplan UK She was joined Mica Jayne Coleman Jones, HKF Trustee and former winner, Elizabeth Hess, Kaplan UK  and Shahida Aslam, HKF To […]

Helena Kennedy Foundation welcomes new Skills for Jobs White Paper

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The Helena Kennedy Foundation promotes the equality of opportunity achieved through education and training.  We work with disadvantaged students in the Further Education sector, helping them to realise their potential as they move into fulfilling careers across a range of sectors.  Background should not be a barrier to accessing high quality education, and all the […]

A Conversation with James Corbin

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Meet James. He’s an entrepreneur, Youtuber and model, with over 14,000 followers across his social media platforms. He even appeared in the music video for Sam Smith’s song, Kids Again. All this at the age of just 22. Rather impressive, right? Not only that, but James is also a former HKF Award winner, receiving a […]

‘High-quality education is a key factor for increasing social mobility, but more interventions are needed to translate this into meaningful employment’ – Mica Jayne Coleman Jones

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The Long Shadow of Deprivation report (2020) highlights the pay gap differences between areas of our country and between the most and least deprived sons found in the same area. The report identified that greater interventions were needed in the local labour market, and called for employers to look at ways that they can access […]

The HKF Xmas Appeal

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The Helena Kennedy Foundation has launched its first ever Xmas appeal to help raise funds during the 2020/21 academic year. The Foundation has set a goal of raising £3,000 over the Xmas period, which would pay for the cost of a bursary for one student. Given the impact of COVID-19 on education, it is more […]