Helena Kennedy Foundation Application 2020
HKF BURSARY Application - Guidance Notes
Completing the Application

Colleges can submit up to 5 applications so please inform your college that you intend to apply to us. The exception is if the college is sponsoring a badged bursary. More details can be found here.

  • We advise that you give a copy of your printed application to your tutor to help them write your supporting reference. You will need to upload this as a separate attachment.
  • The form must be submitted online to the Foundation no later than Thursday 30th April 2020.

Informing You of the Outcome of Your Application

  • The closing date for applications is 30th April 2020. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.
  • The selection panel will meet in June 2020 and you will be informed of the outcome of your application by the end of August 2020.
  • All students will be informed of the outcome of their application and the referees of successful students will also be informed.
  • If you are successful in being awarded an HKF Award there may be certain requirements which must be met prior to you receiving your award, such as grades.
  • In the case of University Badged Bursaries you must be accepted at the sponsoring university and take up a place there prior to being awarded the bursary.
For further information on any aspect of completing your application please contact the Operations Manager, Shahida Aslam on 0121 644 2406 or via email

Section 1
Section 1: Personal Details

Please complete the personal information section of the form. We need this information to contact you about your application.

  • Please ensure that you put your name as you would want to see it on, for example, a certificate, with your first name in one box and your surname in the other. You don’t need to include your middle names.
  • Please indicate which country you live in (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland).
  • Please tell us which college you currently attend and which course or courses you are studying.

1a) Student First Name


1b) Student Last Name


2) Student E-mail Address


3a) Student Home Address


3b) Student Home City


3c) Student Home Post Code


4a) Student Home Phone


4b) Student Mobile Phone


5a) Student Date of Birth

5b) Student Current Age


6) Student Gender


7a) Please indicate which country you live in:


7b) If you live or study in London, please indicate which London borough you live and study in:

Home Borough
Please select:


College Borough
Please select:


8a) Which college do you attend currently?


8b) If you selected Other in the list of colleges, please enter the institution name below.


9a) Which course or courses are you currently studying?


9b) If Other, please state:


10a) How did you hear about HKF?


10b) If Other, please state:


University and Course Choice Preferences

Preferred Higher Education Choices - University Preferences

Some of our bursaries are reserved for students studying at certain institutions or studying particular subjects. In order to help us to match your application to all available bursaries, please indicate below which universities you have or intend to apply to.

  • Please choose from the drop-down menu all of the institutions you have applied to or are applying to in order of preference. You will need to select up to two choices, but can select three if you wish.
  • Your first choice should be the one you have confirmed and wish to attend.
  • If this changes, please contact the office, as this will impact the outcome of your application. This information is important for us to match your applications to available awards.
NOTE: You may enter the university or college name in the Search bar to look up the institution from the drop-down options.
If your choice does not appear in the list please select Other then type your preference manually in the box provided below.

11a) University Choice 1


11b) University Choice 1 - Other, if not listed above.



11c) University Choice 1 Course of Study



12a) University Choice 2


12b) University Choice 2 - Other, if not listed above.



12c) University Choice 2 Course of Study



13a) University Choice 3


13b) University Choice 3 - Other, if not listed above.



13c) University Choice 3 Course of Study



14) So we can adequately match your application to the most suitable bursary, please can you re-confirm your FIRST university choice below?
 Please copy the answer that you inputted in either question 11a) or 11b) into this question. 


Personal Statement

The below questions form your personal statement. Significant attention is given to the personal statement in the selection process, so please answer all the questions below in as much detail as possible, with no more than 100 words for each question.
We cannot consider your application unless we receive your personal statement and reference.When answering the questions, please note that in making a judgement about your application, the selection panel will base their assessment on the following:

  • Your personal and family circumstances and the barriers that you have faced in continuing your education.
  • Your ambitions for the future, why you have chosen your course of study and how the HKF award will help you to achieve your ambitions.
  • Your financial circumstances, including how you have managed financially whilst at college and how you will support yourself at university.
  • Do you have a student loan/grant in place?
  • How you would benefit from the additional support offered by the Foundation.
Specific criteria may relate to your past experiences, your course or university choice, your future career ambitions or personal circumstances. If you have any doubt about whether to include specific information in your personal statement please contact the Foundation for advice.
Your application to the Foundation is completely confidential and the selection panel will only be able to take into account information that is given in your personal statement.
Your supporting Referee will be asked to give a supporting statement about you, but if there is any information that you feel should be taken into account when your application is considered you must include it here. In most cases the Foundation will match the applicant to the available awards.
However, if you think that you meet the additional criteria for any of the badged bursaries, please give relevant information in your personal statement.

For further information, please visit our website to see what bursaries you may be eligible for and what specific things you may need to mention to be shortlisted.

15) What are your personal and family circumstances and what barriers have you overcome on order to continue with your education?
 Type or copy/paste your response in the space below. Please use plain text. 


16) Why have you chosen your particular course of study? What are your ambitions for the future and how would a HKF award help you to achieve these ambitions?
 Type or copy/paste your response in the space below. Please use plain text. 


17) What are your financial circumstances? How have you managed financially whilst at college and how will you support yourself at university?
 Type or copy/paste your response in the space below. Please use plain text. 


18a) Do you have a student loan or grant in place?

18b) If No, you MUST state how you will support your tuition fees for your application to be considered.


Section 2
Referee's Supporting Statement

Please provide details of your referee below:


Referee's Contact Information

19a) Referee Name


19b) Referee Role


19c) Referee Email


19d) Referee Phone


19e) Referee Address


20a) Principal Name


20b) Principal or PA Email



A written reference by your named referee is a requirement for your application to be considered, if this is not received your application will be rejected.
The referee's statement is a very important part of the application. We cannot consider an application without a reference.

21a) Please have your referee write a statement, on a separate document, of no more than 500 words to cover the following information:

  1. What are the applicant’s personal and financial circumstances and what barriers have they overcome to continue their education?
  2. How well suited is the applicant to the higher education course they plan to take and how realistic are the student’s ambitions?
  3. What contribution, to your knowledge, has the student made to a) College life and b) their community
  4. Is there any other information that you believe is relevant to the student’s application?
  5. How do you think the applicant would benefit from the additional support offered by the Foundation?
To assist your referee, you may use either the "Email Draft" or "Printer-Friendly Version" links at the top of the application page, to email or print a copy of your application form to your nominated referee.


21b) Once your nominated referee has provided you with their reference, please do the following:

  • Save the reference onto your computer or device.
  • Then click on the "browse" button to locate the saved file.
  • Double click on the file to select it.
  • Then upload the file by clicking on the "upload" button

The maximum size for all attachments combined is 25 Mb. Please note that files with certain extensions (such as "exe", "com", "vbs" or "bat") cannot be uploaded.


By submitting this completed application, you confirm that your principal has been made aware of your application.

Section 3
Equal Opportunities Monitoring Information

Please complete the equal opportunities monitoring information section of the form. It is important for the Foundation to ensure that we are accessible to all students and we will use this information to monitor whether or not we are reaching a cross section of the student population.
Information you give us will only be used to support your application and for monitoring purposes.

22) Ethnic Origin


23) Disability/Learning Difficulty
 Do you consider yourself to have a disability and/or learning difficulty. Please tick the appropriate box. 


24) Status in the UK
 If you are a refugee or asylum seeker please select which best describes your current status in the UK. 


25) Sexual Orientation


26) Dependents
 Do you have any dependent children or adults? 


27) Are you a Care Leaver or Carer?
 A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a friend, neighbour, or relative who could not manage otherwise because of frailty, illness, or disability. 


Section 4
Applicant's Declaration

Please confirm that should your application be successful, you agree to the following:
Please tick all relevant declarations.

I agree that I will take part in any publicity which may arise as a result of my selection for an award (including providing a quote or profile that HKF can use internally and externally).

I agree that I will take part in any publicity which may arise as a result of my selection for an award (including providing a quote or profile that HKF can use internally and externally).

I confirm that I am eligible to apply for an award in 2020.

I have completed all sections in the application form.

My College Principal is aware that the application has been submitted.

If I live in London I have included my London Borough and post code.

In order to measure the impact of the support that we offer to students we need to track how well our students do in higher education. By ticking the box and signing below you are giving the university you attend permission to provide the Helena Kennedy Foundation with information relating to your progress and achievement in higher education (for example whether you have completed the course and what degree classification you receive).


Please contact the Operations Manager, Shahida Aslam Foundation on 0121 644 2406 or via email if you change your phone number, postal or email address.