Success for Emma Prosser!

At The Helena Kennedy Foundation we are always proud to share the achievements of our alumni bursary winners.

We are delighted to share an update from Emma Prosser who was sponsored by ASET, Emma recently achieved a high 2:1 in her BA HONS Education Special Educational Needs and Inclusion) degree at Nottingham University.

Alongside her studies Emma set up The Uniform Project Nottingham, which is a not- for-profit organisation helping parents and students in and around Nottingham to reduce clothing waste by recycling school uniforms.

The scheme aims to support families in Nottingham access ethical and free Primary and Secondary school uniforms.

Collection boxes are located across schools in Nottingham for people to donate any unwanted uniforms and members of the public can donate through their shop in Radford, Nottingham. The Uniforms are then checked, cleaned and if necessary repaired to ensure recipients receive high quality items.

Emma commented,” 350,000 tonnes of school uniform that can still be worn is thrown in landfill every year in the UK. With living costs rising, some families are struggling with the cost of uniform and the uniform vouchers do not cover everything. No one should have to choose between feeding their children or buying uniforms”.

“Furthermore it is open to everyone to encourage all parents to reduce our clothing landfill waste regardless of their circumstances. However, the uniform project really is helping families in need and children have the right clothing for school as well as helping save the planet at the same time and by working with different schools, it ensures, we have lots of stock in the necessary sizes”

The Uniform Project Nottingham was set up in September 2020 with just 2 schools, however this has quickly gown to 19 schools. By schools working together the scheme is helping to reduce waste and ensure families have the support they need.

Francesca Walker-Martin ASET Chair commented, “Over the last 10 years ASET have been proud to provide a bursary to the Helena Kennedy Foundation.  Emma Prosser’s achievements to date have been outstanding in both her studies and the creation of ‘The Uniform Project Nottingham’.  This sustainability project is very close to our hearts here at ASET and we wish Emma well in her current and future ventures”. 

The scheme is also supported by numerous organisations and charities including Nottingham Council and the Himmah food bank.

Are you a HKF alumni? We would love to hear what you are currently doing, please email with any news and we will share across our channels.