Shahida celebrates her 10th anniversary

2022 marks the year of Shahida Aslam’s 10th anniversary with us at The Helena Kennedy charity.

Many of you have met Shahida in some capacity, since she joined the charity in August 2012. Shahida has continued to support the growth of the foundation, whilst ensuring that personal support for students has not been lost. In the past 10 years, the charity has successfully enabled many disadvantaged students to access further and higher education. She has been an integral part in supporting over 2k students progressing to university, raising £1.4m in support, and developing a small team alongside a network of alumni.

To celebrate the occasion, we are looking to put together a compilation of thanks from bursary award winners and sponsors who have benefitted from Shahida’s dedicated support and guidance.

If you are willing to share either a written message of thanks or a short video, please get in touch by emailing Mica at who will be able to collate contributions or provide more information. We would be grateful if you could send this by 22rd April 2022