Kerrie Portman

Fe College

Westminster Kingsway College


Westminster University

HKF Award Year


Now works as

Student, Content Illustrator and Colouring Assistant

“I started university in September 2019 and am coming up to the end of my last year. I have been graded a 2:1 in all my modules so far, apart from my First on one module. I became Class Rep where I attended student council meetings, raised the concerns of my classmates to the tutors and attended training sessions. I completed roughly 88 hours of volunteering during the academic year until the lock-down; at Mind, Ambitious About Autism and National Student Pride. I joined the cheer-leading team at university and made friends for the first time.

I completed my university’s Westminster Employability Award, earning the gold/highest award in my first year. I attended many events hosted by the university and their Creative Enterprise Centre, which not only helped my career goals but helped me meet other students in the university. Through my university’s Engage website I got work experience with a children’s publishing company. I also attended a digital insight week hosted by Sky called ‘Girls Into Coding’ through Engage. Additionally, I help one third-year student and am continuing to help another by being a Colouring Assistant.

My university has been amazingly supportive, in both my whole year and during the lock-down. Late last year they quoted me in the BBC, I was invited on a free trip to an Animation festival in Portugal, I’ve received so much emotional support, kindness and accepted through being a Care Leaver and being disabled. I credit that support to helping me love my studies so much, feel like a part of the university community and achieve more than I could have dreamt of just 7 months ago!

Outside of my studies, I’ve maintained a job that I started in September last year, where I am a Creative and do amazing roles like photograph events and write articles, one even being published in The Guardian.