Iandra McCallum Tchoudnowsky


Iandra is an experienced student development, transitions and welfare advisor and coach, working with young people in the 16 to 24 age group, assisting them in this crucial period of personal growth through the transition from school to university to work. Before setting up her own practice in this area 12 years ago, she was a competition lawyer in the City.  

A passionate advocate for inclusion in education, Iandra has been fully engaged in education and social inclusion projects since the start of her career. Iandra is a firm believer that, in its fullest and best sense, a good education is not only about learning but also about becoming fully engaged citizens. Her work with students has therefore been focusing

specifically on applying that two-pronged approach. Having noted the shift and decline in student mental health particularly in more recent years, Iandra is now focusing more particularly on mental well-being and  managing student transitions.  To this end, she has returned to part time study in psychotherapy and counselling alongside her advisory and coaching work.

Iandra is an active student mentor, including for a broad range of organisations from IntoUniversity to Minerva. She is also a safeguarding link school governor and a board member of Beyond the Classroom.  

Iandra has a diverse and multinational background and speaks several languages. She holds a MA in Modern Languages and MPhil in

International Relations, both from the University of Oxford, and has legal

qualifications from the College of Law.