Who Can Apply

The Helena Kennedy Foundation receives more than 1500 enquiries about funding each year.

This demand for financial support means that we need to apply some application guidelines:

Students can apply to the Foundation for the HKF bursary if they are:

In the final year at a publicly-funded UK further education college, studying in the last year of Access / A level / BTEC / Scottish Highers course / T Levels at the time of applying.

Aiming to start a first-time programme of higher education in the autumn of the year in which they are applying at a UK higher education institution (i.e. HND, BA, BSc, Bed,). Students taking a ‘gap’ year will be considered.

Are UK citizens. Refugees and Asylum Seekers can apply.


Experiencing barriers to continuing their education

Able to demonstrate that they face severe financial hardship

Students cannot apply if they:

Are already on a higher education course

Doing their FE course at a school or academy.

Are seeking funding for a postgraduate course Are studying / intending to study at a privately funded institution

Have already received an HKF award

Have previously undertaken a higher education course

Are studying or intend to complete their higher education course at an international institution.

Each year the Foundation receives applications from many more students than we are able to support. You should only apply for an award if you are facing financial difficulties which will make progression to higher education difficult. HKF awards are designed to support students who have overcome significant barriers to complete their further education. To see examples of some of the issues our students face please read who we help. 

To read the stories of some of the students who have benefitted from an HKF Award please click to meet some of our students

If you have read this information and you have questions about whether or not you should apply for an award please contact us.