Students FAQ

Can I apply for a part-time degree?

Yes, however, the assessment panel takes this into account and if you are working your application may score less well than a student who has no other sources of income. If your application is successful and your degree is longer than three years we may decide to divide your bursary equally over all the years of your degree course.

Can I apply for an open university degree?


Can I apply for a HND to progress to a degree?

Yes, however, you need to demonstrate your intention in your personal statement.

Can you help with access course funding?

We are sorry we can only support applications for FE students progressing to Higher Education, you may wish to try or

When and how long are applications open for?

Applications usually open a week after we return in the new year and stay open for just over 2 months.

What is your eligibility criteria?

1) UK resident

2) Progressing from a Further Education College to undertake a degree

3) In the final year at a publicly-funded further education institution (e.g. in the last year of Access / A level / BTEC / Scottish Highers course at a UK FE / sixth form college) at the time of applying or completed an FE course.


Experiencing barriers to continuing their education

Able to demonstrate that they face severe financial hardship

Who cannot apply?

Are already on a higher education course

Are seeking funding for a postgraduate course

Are studying / intending to study at a privately funded institution

Have already received an HKF award

Have previously undertaken a higher education course

Are studying or intend to complete their higher education course at an international institution.

Can I apply if I have already started my degree?


Can I defer my award?

This is dependent on the sponsor and needs to be discussed with the Foundation.

How much and when will I receive if I am successful?

You will receive a total of £2250 for the HKF bursary and £1500 for the DISCOVER bursary

For the HKF Bursary 3 installments are made in November each year of £750 and the DISCOVER bursary 2 installments of £750 in April and January. All installments are subject to receipt of progress updates.

Can I apply if I am studying nursing?

Yes you can however the revised government bursary will be taken into account.