Sponsor FAQ

1 .How do I become a sponsor?

Please contact the operations manager who can send you a form.

2 .How much does it cost?

One bursary costs £3000 of which £2250 is awarded to the student and only £750 is retained by the charity for support and admin costs for the duration of their degree.

3 .What do I get out of sponsoring a bursary?

  • You will receive a profile of the student you have sponsored which tells you why they were awarded the bursary
  • You will be invited the annual House of Lords Celebration event in London where you will have the opportunity to meet your winner as well as the trustees and Baroness Kennedy from the Foundation.
  • You will receive annual reports of the student of their progress and how they are getting on at university.
  • This is also an opportunity to not only help the student but impact their families too.