The Helena Kennedy Foundation is the social mobility charity for the further education sector, a sector which already has opportunity and transformation within its DNA.

We provide bursaries to students which offer the opportunity to progress from further education into higher education, breaking through barriers which may exist due to social deprivation and inequality.

We believe that there are thousands more students with unlimited potential seeking their #breakthrough moment.

We see a #breakthrough moment as that one moment in time where an opportunity presents itself that has the potential to change your life forever.

Maybe the perfect job becomes available at just the right time, a piece of advice gives that spark to push to the next level or a chance connection provides the confidence to overcome a challenge.

We can all reflect on our individual #breakthrough moment and the ripple effect it has had on the rest of our lives and here at the Helena Kennedy Foundation we want to inspire #breakthrough moments for even more students.

That’s why, to raise awareness of our cause we are encouraging all our supporters to share their #breakthrough moments, starting with a few of our more recognisable supporters. To help highlight the type of thing we are looking for, our Vice President & Founder Dr Ann G Limb CBE has shared her own breakthrough moment

How can you support

In order to reach as broad an audience of potential supporters as possible we are looking for short video contributions from notable people to help inspire others to share their #breakthrough moments.

Please upload a video (a phone recording or webcam would be perfect) of between 30 sec – 2mins talking about your breakthrough moment.

It would also be great, if you do have a social media presence, to share your video during the campaign, tagging in other people to share their own stories.

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