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Helena Kennedy Foundation: enabling and transformative progression from Further Education to Higher Education

Prof. Vicky Duckworth (Edge Hill University) and Prof. Rob Smith (Birmingham City University) were commissioned to undertake a key impact case study to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Helena Kennedy Foundation (HKF). It aims to understand and provide evidence of how HKF has contributed to transforming lives and communities in Britain by providing financial bursaries, mentoring and supporting disadvantaged students from the further and adult education sectors. The Impact Research report was launched by Baroness Helena Kennedy at the AoC 2018 conference. Please see below for some of the stories; each one illustrating the power of HKF to support students trajectories into and through Higher education and employment. 

Executive Summary

Impact Report

Inspiring journeys of HKF bursary winners

The interviews were carried out by Professor Rob Smith and Professor Vicky Duckworth as part of a research project sponsored by NCFE.

Alan Tien

Alan became homeless while studying for his A levels. With guidance from a college advisor, he applied for a bursary from HKF. He went on to achieve a degree in Education and is now working in the Civil Service. Alan’s narrative illustrates how determination and a willingness to seek out available support can be crucial if people are going to achieve their potential. Alan’s experience has sparked in him the desire to help others and commit himself to public service. Sadly Alan passed away in 2018 and the Foundation named a bursary in his memory.

Brandon Akem

Brandon arrived in this country as an unaccompanied minor from Cameroon. With huge determination, he pursued his goals through further education. He worked hard at college with and the advice and support of his college teachers went on to study Law at the University of Leicester. From there, he began working in the insurance industry. He now works in the CIty of London on Fenchurch St.

Mohammed Abdi

Mohamed arrived in this country aged 14. He always aspired to be a doctor. He faced significant barriers and overcame these with determination and the belief of his teachers and, at a crucial point, of HKF. Mohamed’s narrative illustrates how belief and support inspires individuals, not just to achieve for themselves, but to want to help and support others.