Royal Half Parks Marathon 7 October 2012

Helena Kennedy students have come up with a fundraising initiative and they need our support! Six Article 26 students are currently braving wind, rain and sunshine to train for the Royal Half Parks Marathon in London. They are raising money for the projects and to help all the students who are being supported by HKF. They have even convinced HKF trustee Nick Sagovsky and former CEO Wes Streeting to join them!

Please support this fantastic team and student initiative and donate on our Just Giving page

Article 26 enables disadvantaged students to continue with their education and attend University. Article 26 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to education and specifies that higher education should be equally accessible on the basis of merit. The project supports students who are seeking sanctuary in the UK, or have Discretionary Leave to Remain as the result of an asylum claim. Both of these groups of students are classed as international students by Universities, which means that their fees are much, much more than home students. Yet both groups of students are also unable to access student finance and students seeking sanctuary are not allowed to work. This makes attending University a seemingly impossible dream.

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