Ridgeway challenge August 2012

One of our trustees Tom Meade ran the Ridgeway Challenge  for a charity  that is very close to his heart – The Helena Kennedy Foundation.  Thanks to your support he raised a total of £1980.00. With gift aid the total is £2,332.50

Tom said “I’m overwhelmed to have had so much support and raised the money but I’ve never not finished anything in my life! Thank you to anyone who supported me, your warmth was a great source of strength on a lonely path through the dark wet woods! “

We at HKF are very proud of Tom for running a solid 8 hours !!  and cannot thank you enough for the donations and the support.  Sadly Tom was withdrawn from the race after 32 miles having arrived too late at checkpoint to continue.  The Foundation provides bursaries; mentoring and support to disadvantaged students helping them progress from further to higher education.  

Thank you Tom and thank you for your kind donations,

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