Article 26

The Article 26 Project

This project is now closed.  Please see below for further information. 

If you require information pertaining to the management of the Article 26 project (finance, accounts, fundraising reports etc.), please contact HKF's Operations Manager:

If your query relates to research in the field of forced migration and higher education, please contact Rebecca Murray:

Higher Education Providers
If you are a university interested in establishing a scholarship scheme or applying to become a University of Sanctuary - contact Universities of Sanctuary for advice regarding scholarships and information about applying for an award:

If you require advice around applying for a scholarship at a specific university, you need to contact them directly for information about their scheme.

All the following organisations are brilliant at providing advice and guidance. They all run national telephone helplines and provide detailed information on their websites.

RSN – Runs a specific programme of work dedicated to refugees and asylum seekers trying to access higher education. They have a good working knowledge of the Sanctuary Scholarships and support the Westheimer Scholarships (on behalf of the Schwab & Westheimer trusts – see link below).

STAR (Student Action for Refugees) - work with students across U.K. universities to provide a warm welcome for forced migrants studying, or aspiring to study in higher education. This link will take you to a list of scholarships with links, which will direct you to the relevant university webpage.

UKCISA – Hugely informative factsheets on higher education entitlement and a telephone helpline.

CORAM – Children’s Legal Centre, focus on migrant children, have expertise in access to higher education and run a helpline. They are legal experts on issues relating to access to higher education (as well as many other issues).

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