Student Support

Student Support

From the outset, it was clear to the Foundation that the provision of a bursary award alone, although capable of making a significant financial impact on a student's circumstances, was not sufficient in itself to ensure that a student coping with multiple challenges could complete his or her degree course in higher education successfully.

For many students, receiving a bursary award is like being thrown a life line - and they also need on-going and regular personal advice and support to guide them safely to the shore.

Having made personal contact with the Foundation at the time of receiving their award, the Foundation maintains regular contact with students by email, text and phone throughout the duration of their studies and beyond.

Types of support given by the Foundation include:

  • maintaining regular contact with students, being a 'shoulder to cry on' and celebrating students' achievements
  • working with students to enable them to find solutions to financial problems
  • signposting students to expert organisations for support in overcoming specific difficulties
  • acting as a personal referee to students entering university and liaising on behalf of students with colleges, universities and external agencies
  • providing students with the opportunity to make contact with other award winners studying in the same university or town and with the network of HKF award winners nationally
  • providing students with opportunities for training, work shadowing and voluntary work to develop transferable skills necessary in employment

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